The Poro plateau , which rises above the Tyrrhenian Sea (up to the promontory of Capo Vaticano) between the Angitola , the Mesima and the Serre . The nature of the soil made up of various crystalline rocks mainly granite, the mild climate, the varied vegetation and the dense population distributed in numerous small towns differentiate it from the other Calabrian massifs.

The panorama enjoyed by Monte Poro is an alternation of wheat fields, farms, and wooded greenhouses framed by the Gulf of Lamezia and with the Aeolian Islands in the background.

Monte Poro pecorino cheese

Having reached this point, it will not only be the eyes that benefit from so much beauty, but also the palate. Known for its agro-pastoral tradition, one of the tastiest cheeses in southern Italy is produced here for the processing techniques: Pecorino di Monte Poro , a product with a protected designation of origin, made with sheep's and cow's milk. A cheese so precious for the territory, that in 1997 the association " Strada dei Sapori del Poro " was established with the aim of enhancing this and other local gastronomic products.

The massif spreads out with a flat surface and at the edges it slopes towards the Mesima and more significantly towards the Tyrrhenian Sea, with various and characteristic terraces that attest to the work done by man in past centuries to conquer it for agriculture and transform it into a vital space.

Among its various projections in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the promontory of Capo Vaticano stands out which divides the two pretty towns of Tropea and Nicotera, on the famous Costa degli Dei , the Chest of the Tower descending sheer to the sea and the small point on which the characteristic Tower of Joppolo .

The view is magnificent and ranges from the wooded greenhouses to the Gulf of Lamezia with Stromboli on the horizon on clearer days.

The architecture of the urban and extra-urban settlements, the toponymy and the dialect itself are reminiscent of the Greek-Byzantine age.

The Sanctuary of the Madonna del Carmelo of Monte Poro

In this bucolic world, the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Carmelo of Monte Poro stands out, dedicated to the Madonna del Carmine and located at the top of the mountain. The nineteenth-century monastic complex, which contains the church and the convent, is surrounded by innumerable paths that will lead you into woods rich in forest plants, springs, streams and areas equipped for picnics.

A place to regenerate and practice the right to disconnect.


Hotel Grotticelle and Esmeraldo Residence are located in Capo Vaticano, a town a few km from the enchanting pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Tropea in Calabria.

Thanks to its diversified offer, it offers holidays for everyone and for every need.

Ideal for families, lovers of relaxation, but also for couples and groups of friends, choosing our structure also means discovering the natural beauties, traditions and Calabrian food and wine.


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